NEW Cycling Tour Includes Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Hood

(Las Vegas, NV) — A new 5-day road biking tour being offered by Escape Adventures features some of the most breathtaking and spectacular views available in the western United States. Known as the “Volcanoes and Waterfalls” tour, guests will be tested with high altitudes and climbs, but rewarded with unmatched views that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. An incredibly diverse succession of terrain, ranging from glacial plains and volcanic blast zones to rainforests and woodlands, define this epic Northwest road cycling holiday. From viewing some of the most iconic mountains and volcanoes in America to hiking to the second tallest waterfall in the country, this is a tour filled with superlatives. Departure dates are available June-September and prices start at $2,495 per person. For more information, visit Hi-res images can be downloaded here.

“From the site of our country’s single most amazing eruption, Mount St. Helens, we will ride into the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s ring of fire,” said Escape Adventures Director Jared Fisher. “Sweeping into Mount Rainier National Park, we will witness the highest peak in the Cascades, and via scenic roads, historic highways, and stunning bridges, we will wind up the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge to view Oregon’s most prominent landmark, Mt. Hood. ”


  • Viewing Mount St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Hood
  • Hiking to Multnomah Falls, the second highest waterfall in America
  • Biking the historic Columbia River Highway
  • Descending past Tatoosh Peaks and 25 equally distinctive and prominent peaks
  • Cycling around Riffe Lake, a reservoir on the Cowlitz River
  • Exploring the 1.32 million-acre Gifford Pinchot National Forest
  • Overnighting at family-owned lodges and inns

All internal land expenses and services are covered in the cost of the tour, including all transportation, food preparation, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, group supplies and community gear are included. Backcountry permits, licenses, park fees, reservations, and accommodations, along with at least two professionally trained trip leaders, a mobile first aid and mechanic station, spare bikes, and a support vehicle(s). Trip price does not include airfare.

Day 1: The day’s first ride shoots east towards Mount St. Helens, the most active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range. The afternoon stage sweeps around 23-mile long Riffe Lake, a reservoir on the Cowlitz River. The ride churns up and down Mount Rainier’s western slope and closes out in Ashland, OR at the Deep Forest Cabins and Valley Cottages.

Day 2: This ride sweeps up the western side of the 236,381-acre Mount Rainier National Park. One of the highlights is riding past Nisqually Glacier. The descent passes Tatoosh Peaks and 25 equally distinctive and prominent peaks: from Moon Mountain to Unicorn Peak. The ride ultimately meanders into the Grove of the Patriarchs, a remote, deep valley given palpable majesty by stands of enormous old growth trees. From the Ohanapecosh area at the southeast edge of Mount Rainier National Park, the peloton sweeps along the Cowlitz River. Merging onto US Route 12, riders will throttle back on level blacktop 15-miles to the Crest Trail Lodge.

Day 3: Depending on route options, preferences and road conditions, today’s ride ranges from 22 to 97 Pacific Rim miles. Paralleling the Cowlitz River, riders will pedal through the hamlet of Randle; then into the 1.32 million-acre Gifford Pinchot National Forest, one of America’s oldest national forests. The day wraps at the Columbia River Gorge, more than 4000-ft deep and stretching some 80-miles in length. Overnight in luxury at the Skamania Lodge resort in Stevenson, WA.

Day 4: Heading east, guests will hike to Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s tallest waterfall and the second highest in America. Next, they’ll ride over the Bridge of the Gods and the Lewis and Clark Highway, with the Columbia River a churning-rushing constant on one side. The stage climaxes at Hood River where riders will overnight in style at the Columbia River Gorge Hotel and Spa.

Day 5: Closing out, the ride pours over the historic Columbia River Highway. Built from 1913 to 1922, this scenic byway overlooks the Gorge before linking with Highway 2. Now closed to cars, the erstwhile highway has been reimagined and reborn into a rather exemplary bike path, sweeping through a succession of timeworn tunnels and along broad, picturesque cliffs. After lunch, shuttle back to Portland.

About Escape Adventures: Since 1992, Escape Adventures has been blessed to shape and lead adventure travel vacations through some of the most awe-inspiring natural destinations in the world. Building on over 100 destinations, Escape Adventures caters to the full spectrum of active traveler, respective to fitness level and activity type. From road cyclist to mountain biker to electric biker, hiker, and multi-sport enthusiast, and from first timer to friends and family groups of all ability levels, Escape Adventures looks forward to many new and exciting adventures with you.