The Magic Castle Hotel an oasis of creature comforts


Michael Hepworth

HOLLYWOOD !@/12/19–The Magic Castle Hotel  an oasis of creature comforts absence of noise quietness, in the city of bright lights, movie, film, music stars, and Magicians of Hollywood California .Entering the lobby, you are greeted by MCH staff appearing right before your eyes, welcoming  you, offering free tea and sweet rolls.

Outside in the  patio  you are poolside, courtyard flooded with warm golden  yellow  sunlight reflected into the deep blue pool.  beach chairs and greenery  giving a very special tropical feeling. The patio area offers tables and chairs, also ice cream including snakes  all free, there is no smoking, no restaurant service,  .the court yard has a large deep blue pool surrounded by bright yellow exterior  which adds  to the sunny comfort,  family surroundings. balcony apartments  gives a real comfortable quiet atmosphere , ” it’s magic”.

 Tom Wright, Rachael Hedrick, Gino Games, Darron Ross Hotel Magic Castle Manager

Fifty  years ago these were Hollywood apartments many film,  music and magicians lived here leaving their spirit . The rooms are large and clean with a view of Hollywood, balconies offering a  courtyard pool views.

Darron Ross, MCH manager, let us in on some of the inside magic  services that each guest receives at the Magic Castle Hotel.

He said that many travels  end their trips here, they know at the end of their long journey , as a guest of the Magic Castle Hotel you get FREE LAUNDRY, with a sprig of lavender wrapped in Brown paper bundle delivered to your room,  it’s  just done for you . As a guest you are invited to the Magic Castle right next door, a magical door opens into the history of Hollywood’s Magic Castle, and the many magicians that after performed “Like Magic”. Through a magical portal you are taken a back into the first Magic Castle, Gentlemen jacket and tie required,  Ladies dressed for a night out in Hollywood. A time no photos, or cell phone, after our cocktails, dinner, Lobster, Prime Rib, Grilled Chicken.

We were sited inside the Magical Live Theater, Mag live magic show, or Magic Castle

picture of the castle from the bottom of the hill, the hotel is to the left down the hill all within walking distance.

inside the castle before you enter the Magic Castle  club, the last place you can take a picture inside.

The newly Hotel Magic Castle  renovated modern living room, kitchen and bathroom