Creative Adult to Creative Kid, Find that and More at? LEGOLAND California.


Michael Hepworth


Creative Adult to Creative Kid, Find that and More at?

LEGOLAND California.


By Sandee Whiteman


Carlsbad, CA (Perfect Travel Today) 10/14/17/–Located in Sunny Carlsbad California, sits a fun family resort park, known as LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND, California has three parks located on the premises, LEGOLAND theme-park, LEGOLAND Waterpark, and the Sea Life Aquarium.

The resort theme park, has over sixty rides, shows and attractions, and is an adventure for the whole family, or maybe just the overgrown kid at heart… The following rides are some of the main attractions at the park:: Lost Kingdom Adventure- the ride features laser guns that target enemies though an ancient underground in which unlocks pop up features. You can play against your family and see who may get the top score.

Dragon Coaster- You enter through a castle, through a dungeon underground where you are surrounded by a Dragon that is trying to take over, the Lego Life-size figurines are all terrified, especially the King and Queen, as their men try to fight, this is where you will take flight on the dragon yourself and try to conquer this Dragon Rollercoaster. Don’t worry it’s a very gentle ride… Driving School- On premises there are two courses, each one designed for different age groups up to 13. sorry no adults aloud. This one is for the kids, let them drive this one time… The kids really enjoy it and its safe.

Splash Battle-this ride has max crew of four people and you are armed with water guns to shoot while you set sale as a pirate. Ahoy Mates” Either way be prepared because on the outside also is aligned a shore with water guns, these ones ore more powerful than the boats so plan to get soaked, not only do the kids enjoy but the Adults love to play like the kid and soak you…so don’t bring any valuable aka Cameras….

Aqua zone “Wave Racer”: The duo person ride, is fun to enjoy as a family. You can make twists and turns and feel the water blasts and waves. Plan to get a little wet, especially your feet, but if it’s hot, this ride sure will beat the heat… Enjoy. Police and Fire Academy: This is fun for the whole family, you can race your comrades and see who will beat to fight the fire first, your crew must be the one to beat the fire and make it back to station in time to be the winner…. Enjoy the race, Good Luck…

The rides are not the only hit in the park though, you will need to check in and use your creativity and imagination to explore the premises. During your exploration, you may get lucky and come upon a place knowns as Explorer Island. This adventure includes digging for dinosaur bones. There are plenty of fossils to be discovered! LEGOLAND would not be LEGOLAND without blocks to test your building creativity and skills. Head over to the areas throughout the park that spark your interest to test this special brain activity skill. What can you build??

LEGOLAND theme park has it all and more, but the best addition is the Waterpark. This was genius, because during the summer months, walking around a theme park you get so hot and tired, and would like to just jump in some water to cool off, well now you can… right at LEGOLAND. Just don’t forget your bathing suit and towel!! At the Waterpark, some of the highlight slides and water features are the following:

Duplo Splash Safari- This is a smaller ride for the kids, but, if your adult you can par-take as well with your child. Especially if you are too scared of the big water rides then these are perfect for you… They also offer splash and spray characters from the Duplo Lego version. think “Elephants””.

Joker Soaker-Plan to get soaked, that’s the motto here, there are over 350 water drops from the clock tower overheard, and you have water cannons blasting from every angle, as well as sprays… it’s amazing, but be prepared the water drops can hurt a little bit, if you are 4 years or below, just might want to avoid it as the soaks can be harsh…

Orange Rush-Found this to be their most popular ride in the park, as this was one of the only one with long lines, but because it’s a raft ride, and only one family at a time, this may be why. I recommend if you cannot fill the raft ask to go with other people it makes the experience a lot more fun, the heavier the raft the better experience. with twists and turns down a giant slide. Chima Waterpark:-Is fun for the whole family but best for the small kids, it features three slides, including a slide from a crocodile mouth, this is amazing for the kids. Also on premises there is also a Wave Pool, which features a huge pool to enjoy mild waves, and young need to wear life vest…

Pirate Reef- A actual roller coaster ride on water, a ship that makes its way up and straight shot down into the water as you battle ships along your way… After a long day at the park, a little R&R could be enjoyed watching some sea life. Located on site is the Sea Life Aquarium, where you can enjoy an interactive show and have up and close encounters with Sharks, Octopuses, and Stingrays. One of the highlights is the Interactive Rockpool Experience, where you get the chance to touch some sea creatures and learn how you can protect them in nature and preserve them in our sea. This is great for the kids as it interests them but also the Adult to learn as well how important sea life is to our lives…

LEGOLAND California really is the place for the kid at heart to the whole family. You can bring your creativity alive and leave with a lifelong impression… Enjoy! LEGOLAND California,, located in sunny Carlsbad California.



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