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Hollywood, CA(Perfect Travel Today)12/3/12/—Tecate is a very tranquil border town about 40 miles east of Tijuana and a far better option for crossing the border especially if you are going east to Mexicali. I just returned from this trip, and will be going back as soon as possible to learn more about this city that is famous of course for Tecate Beer. After the really good vibes I experienced, first stop next time around will likely be Rancho Tecate.

The 12 room resort offers luxurious accommodation for about $150 a night that Includes all taxes, breakfast and use of all the amenities including horse back riding. The resort also has a restaurant on site with an exciting young chef who does a lot of interesting things with pork, beef and lamb.


Puerta Norte Restaurant has a full tasting dinner for about $25, and I can’t wait to try it on my next visit to Tecate. They also plan to start their own vineyard next year to continue to promote the up and coming red wines that are starting to emerge from this region.

A completely different kind of buzz can be found at the rural and rustic Rancho Los Chabacanos, which offers more of a health and escape experience. It was here that we were able to try the Temezcal for the first time ever, a rustic form of the sauna but one that is steeped in Mexican tradition.

Here the accommodations in the haciendas are far more rustic with no television or the radio in the rooms. In our case that did not matter because the Temezcal was so exhausting that all you wanted to do after the experience was to crash out. It lasts about two hours, and as the volcanic hot coals start to take their effect, you get a chance to take in your spiritual side.

It takes place in a kind of igloo where up to half a dozen people sit in almost complete darkness. The whole experience is led by a fellow named Brian who has gone through extensive training, and he is ably helped by his assistant who is responsible for bringing the volcanic coals from the outside pit to the igloo/hut. All the ceremony is in Spanish, but he did break into English from time to time.

In truth I could only hang with it for about 1 ½ hours before checking it as I was starting to feel a bit groggy. However it does wonders for your skin, and over all in it was rather a memorable experience that is out of the regular sphere of a spa treatment.

Rancho Tecate-665-654-0011


Rancho Los Chabacanos   665-655-1624     USA   619-565-1304


Baja Tourism-Tecate Office      665-654-1095



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