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 Travel In Style Domestic and International Destinations
Michael HepworthHollywood,CA(Perfect Travel Today)11/23/12/—By removing the  letter “t”  from the word travel you can get one of the greatest classical composers in history- Ravel.  His most famous piece, Bolero, starts slowly with the tympani slowly adding more and more instruments into the hypnotic melody and beat.  Similar to this iconic piece, Perfect Travel Today’s travel section slowly introduces a number of domestic and international destinations for your reading pleasure.  The affluent can find as much excitement riding horseback in Montana or walking the halls of the country music hall of fame as lying on the beach in Monte Carlo.

Experience the Best of the Alps this Winter

For the finest in winter skiing and other related activities, no place can probably touch the Alps, a region that actually encompasses five countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and of course France.

Anguilla Retains the Island Paradise Status

A trip to the British Island of Anguilla last year confirmed my suspicions that this is one of the few unspoiled Caribbean Islands left.  It is only a tiny island, sixteen miles long and four miles wide, and with about 11,000 happy inhabitants.

Borrego Ranch Resort-California’s Latest Desert Retreat

Part of the joy of spending some time at Borrego Ranch Resort in the high desert in California is the drive there either from Los Angeles or San Diego . Located south west of Indio , Borrego Springs seems to be an area right off the beaten track, but in the Hollywood heyday the private airstrip saw multitudes of movie stars staying here. Those included Marilyn Monroe, Lon Chaney and Andy Devine and the privacy factor saw them staying at a desert hideaway called Hoberg Resort, which has been restored now as the Palms at Indian Head.

Take the Train-Royal Canadian Pacific Style

The Royal Canadian Pacific offers a lifetime of memories for those lucky enough to get aboard.  The season is just about starting now, and it runs through October with weekly trips starting out at Calgary with the opportunity to see some pristine scenery in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

The Magic of Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the stunning Table Mountain dominating the scenery, and some of the most wonderful beaches you will see anywhere in the world.  Since the collapse of Apartheid, the city has seen rapid growth in tourism, which is now the largest industry in South Africa.

Chattanooga-A Tourism Heaven

On a recent visit to the African American Museum in Chattanooga , I was mildly surprised at the number of celebrities, performers, sports teams, publishers and prominent businessmen from the area. Of course Chattanooga was the home of the legendary Bessie Smith, and the museum has the 264 seat Bessie Smith Theatre as well as a prominent display of artifacts honoring the blues singer. There are numerous dresses that the performer used to wear on stage with the likes of Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson on display.

A Visit to the Chattanooga African American Museum

Chattanooga is a delightful city on the Tennessee River that has such a strong community spirit, that it is no wonder that it has made a remarkable turnaround since 1970. At that time Walter Cronkite called it the “dirtiest city in America ,” and downtown was definitely a place to avoid at all costs.  All that has changed now, with upscale condo developments everywhere, art galleries, new restaurants and impressive looking hotels have all been built.

Cunard Launches The Queen Victoria in Grand Style

The Queen Victoria is Cunard’s latest addition to their tiny fleet, but it certainly ranks as the classiest ship so far in their illustrious fleet.  Although it is slightly smaller than the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria is intended to recreate the glory days of the transatlantic liners in the early part of the twentieth century.

Emerates Announces Flights to Los Angeles

DUBAI, U.A.E., – Emirates, one of the world’s most successful and fastest-growing international airlines, is set to expand its network even further this year with the start of services to the West Coast of the U.S.  In Fall/Winter  2008, Emirates will open its third U.S. gateway with non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Dubai .

The Real Madrid

Some people say Vegas is the city that never sleeps, well I believe Madrid can give the gambling mecca of the world a run for its money. Staying awake and taking in all the scenes and spirit of the city of Madrid finally caught up to me as I returned home and slept for two straight days.

Living the Cowboy Life in Montana

If life in the city is getting you down than I have the perfect place for you.  Why not visit Montana for a change of pace.  I went there last summer for the first time, and will be going back again this year, maybe to a different part of the State like Glacier Country in Western Montana.

Monte Carlo Remains the Playground for the Rich and Famous

Anyone who has ever been to Monaco and Monte Carlo can attest to the fact that is any place can be considered exclusive or in a different league, then this place is it.

Checking Out Some Hot Foodie Spots in Pittsburgh

I have come away from a recent trip to Pittsburgh with the overall impression that portions here are well above average, and despite the lack of any superstar chefs, the local ones have a lot to offer. I checked out a few interesting places last month that warrant mention, a couple of breakfast places, an over the top lunch establishment, and a fine dining restaurant. All this helps makes Pittsburgh possibly the most livable city in the USA , and the 29th most livable city in the world to live.

V Australia Now Flying from LAX

To say that Richard Branson is a master of self publicity is a massive understatement, and the Virgin boss pulled of another PR coup in Los Angeles this month. He flew in on the brand new Boeing 777-300ER and proceeded to dance on the wing with a bottle of champagne in hand to launch the new service to Sydney and Brisbane in Australia .  He also used the opportunity to announce future flights to Melbourne , and mayor Villaragosa was lapping it up, as Branson presented him with an Australian hat which he had to wear for the publicity shots.


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