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Frenchy Chef
Frenchy Chef


By Bonnie Carroll

France(Perfect Travel Today)7/2/13/—Aéroports de Paris has beefed up its “gourmet food” offer at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport! Gilles Epié was the youngest chef in France to be awarded a Michelin star (at 22 years of age). Former chef at the Citrus etoile has opened top-quality brasserie at the airport: Frenchy’s Bistro.

Spreading awareness of French gourmet cuisine among passengers from all over the world. Using only the finest fresh products. Such is the credo of Gilles Epié and Frenchy’s Bistro, which opened its doors in June 2013.
Continental Brunch, marinated salmon sliced herring-style or soup to go?
Frenchy’s Bistro opens from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm, with room for up to 150 customers and serving all day long. The menu adapts to suit the time of day and offers passengers the chance to get a table and dine on refreshing “bistro” dishes, or to enjoy an offering of finger food and mini-sandwiches at the bar. What’s more, a take-away area offers passengers soups, salads, ultra-fresh sandwiches and small dishes cooked on the spot.
We are proud to be welcoming Gilles Epié to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. His style of cuisine, which brings together modernity and a great refreshing lightness, will delight the taste-buds of our passengers. This event fits in perfectly with the major project we have undertaken to modernise and refurbish our bars and restaurants in the airport terminals of Paris . We plan to open or renovate 50 food and beverage outlets between the end of 2010 and 2013“, explained Augustin de Romanet, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris. For Gilles Epié; “Frenchy’s is the last restaurant passengers will visit before they return to their home countries. That’s why it’s important for me that the welcome, the smile, and the quality of the cuisine should be up to standard. Our customers should come away with a wonderful memory of their time in France .”
Do these different factors have something in common?
The quality of the products and the hint of originality that make all the difference. French cuisine with a touch of Californian sunshine! Frenchy’s Bistro offers different set menus, starting at breakfast-time. Customers can enjoy a Parisian breakfast for €12 (pain au chocolat or croissant, bread rolls, Bonne Maman jams, Echiré butter, a hot beverage, orange juice). The Continental Brunch is available for €16. Passengers are served a plain omelette or scrambled eggs, beef sausage, bread rolls, Bonne Maman jam, Echiré butter, orange juice and a fresh fruit salad. Frenchy’s Bistro emphasizes the authenticity of its products and French regional specialities, offering passengers the chance to try Challans poultry, or flank steak with shallots, and much more. But that’s not to say that Gilles Epié’s cuisine forgets to give a nod to “international” dishes; particularly, the California veggie burger, American beef tartar, or albacore tuna tournedos with coriander, soya, and lime!
From the high-quality take away
To let passengers take a little of Gilles Epié’s cuisine away with them, a take-away service is also available. Soups, salads, light dishes created by Gilles, Franco-American hot dishes classics, desserts… the menu is comprehensive and competitively priced! For instance, the cream of butternut squash and mushroom soup (230 g) is priced at €5.10. A salad composed of cuttlefish ink spaghetti with crayfish in coral sauce (180 g) for €6.95, or lentils with marinated salmon, raifort sauce and beetroot sprouts (280 g) for €8.80. A “hot” hot dog, made with 100% pure beef sausage, gravy, and “fireman’s mustard” for €5.90, while the Manhattan bagel, with smoked salmon and cream cheese is available for €6.90. 3.
Gilles Epié, considered the rock chef of French gastronomy!
When he was just 14 years old, Gilles Epié started working with Alain Senderens. After they travelled around the word together, Gilles returned to Paris and was awarded a Michelin star in 1989, becoming the youngest chef in France to earn that honour at the tender age of 22. He cheffed in restaurants such as the Miravile (which he owned) and the Petite Cour in Paris , as well as the Orangerie in Los Angeles .
He left Paris in 1995 to explore America and its gourmet cuisine. One year later, he was voted best head-chef in the United States . His success was marked by his acquisition of the Orangerie in Los Angeles , which he transformed from a deserted restaurant into an address not to be missed. That very same year, the rating of the Orangerie leaped directly from 3 to 5 stars. Gilles Epié is known for creating daring new recipes, with zero butter or cream: “I use a lot of steam, he explains, a simple style of cuisine requires top quality ingredients “.
The culinary fusion of Franco-Californian dishes featured by Gilles Epié, or “Frenchy” (a nickname that he acknowledged by having it tattooed on his forearm!), has fired the enthusiasm of many gourmet diners and celebrities from all over the world. Gilles Epié’s style of cuisine has been strongly influenced by California : “I was cooking for people who love to eat, but who hate gaining weight.” This is the size zero generation, the Californian ideal!” he exclaimed with a chuckle. Gilles also draws his inspiration from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese styles of cuisine.
He welcomed Frank Sinatra into his restaurant for the crooner’s 80th birthday, as well as Sophia Loren, and cooked for the King of Sweden, Bruce Springsteen, Slash, Sharon Stone, Gregory Peck, Richard Gere, Elizabeth Taylor, and Princess Diana, to name but a few.
After spending 10 years in his beloved United States , Chef Epié turned his dream into reality by acquiring a restaurant just off the Champs–Elysées, and rose to the culinary challenge of a country where gastronomy is more than an art form. Since 2005, Gilles Epié has been the manager of the Citrus Etoile, which he owns with his wife, Elisabeth. 4. For additional information visit:

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